ANNE MARCQ is a Belgian visual artist and painter based in Brussels.

She studied architecture at THE ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS School of Architecture in Copenhagen (Denmark) and at the INSTITUT SUPERIEUR D’ ARCHITECTURE Mons (Belgium) where she gained a degree in architecture with the highest distinction.
Her thesis became a book about the design of ephemeral spaces on stage, DE PLÂTRE ET DE VENT (Plaster and the Wind).

Her interest in scenography began during her studies where she began to work as an assistant to the Belgian set designer and visual artist, JOHAN DAENEN who facilitated her passage into the world of theatre and opera.
J.Daenen also gave her the opportunity to join the Belgian ROYAL OPERA LA MONNAIE/DE MUNT’s studio which enabled her to study painting and sculpture.

Architecture remains the basis of her creative practice which she analyzes along two axes:
the first addressing the diversity of material forms and the second the depths of immateriality.

This conception of her practice accounts also for her training in Art Therapy which she relates to the psychic architecture of emotion and the mind, manifesting itself in her work as a kind of invisible architecture.

In 2014, she renewed her interest in the stage, beginning to work with the French set and lighting designer ERIC SOYER.
Together they built research laboratories where, using light and video, they could explore the sensory interactions between matter, space and absence.
Their work allows the viewer to undergo an immersive, multi-sensory experience, replacing the real world with that of the imagination ; to build a visual environment which appears to defy the laws of gravity, placing the spectator in a kind of personal freefall.

Her collaboration with the jazz musician and opera composer, KRIS DEFOORT, which began in 2017, led her to integrate music and sound into her work and the thinking around it.

Currently, ANNE MARCQ is a permanent resident artist at TNB -THE NATIONAL THEATER OF BELGIUM- where she has a studio.
Her work there combines her own visual art practice as well as theatre and interdisciplinary collaboration.
Her practice is primarily based around the transformation of matter as a metaphor for our own condition, which leads towards questions of identity, memory and belonging.
She continues to conduct research into the experience of light, space, translucency and transparency, examining the bridge between the physical appearance of material and its mental representations, between what is seen and what is felt.